Remediation Plus

Remediation Plus is a Orton Gillingham style, structured literacy program, inspired by the compelling research on phonemic awareness instruction. The program was developed by Jo-Anne Gross, in 1999 and is popular in Canada. The program includes a multi-sensory/direct instruction approach to: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, spelling, and writing. The program also emphasizes the use of decodable readers for practice. 

There has been only one study done on the program; however, the founder has personally told me that there are more coming soon. The study conducted was by Corcoran, Et al, in 2015. It was a RCT of 91 grade 1-3 students. Students received on average 50 hours of instruction. I have graphed the results of that study below:

Overall these results appear moderate, but above average. However, as it was an intervention study and not a classroom study. Intervention studies typically have lower results and this has to be kept in mind. I have inserted my chart for intervention programs below, to contextualize these results. That being said, I do have to clarify there were no pre-test scores for oral reading, comprehension, accuracy and word attack. Because of this I had to calculate the effect sizes based on the total difference for these measures and not the difference in gains. This undoubtedly, inflates the effect size to some effect. 

Final Grade: B

Most of the program principles are well evidenced, within the meta-analysis literature.


Qualitative Grade: 6/10

The program includes the follow essential evidence types of instruction:
Direct, scaffolded, phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, and spelling.

Written by Nathaniel Hansford

Last Edited: 2022-03-28



Corcoran, R., & Ross, S.M. (2015). An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Remediation Plus Program on Improving Reading Achievement of Students in the Marinette (WI) School District.