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About Pedagogy Non Grata

Pedagogy Non Grata was founded in 2018 by Nathaniel Hansford and Joshua King. Our mission is to increase equity in schools by making education research more accessible to teachers. We do not want to tell teachers how to teach, but rather we want to empower teachers and to provide them with self-efficacy skills, so that they can decide for themselves, what teaching practices are evidence-based. We provide summaries of meta-analyses, curate free research based products, and conduct independent reviews of pedagogical products/methods. 


Meet the Core PNG Team:


Nathaniel Hansford is a teacher of 11 years, the author of the Scientific Principles of Teaching and the author of the Scientific Principles of Reading Instruction. He has taught grades k-12; however, currently he teaches intermediate. Nate is the lead writer and content creator for Pedagogy Non Grata. 


Joshua King: Is a teacher of 9 years and the co-founder of Pedagogy Non Grata. Joshua currently teaches intermediate and is currently focused on developing free materials for teachers. Joshua has developed all of the statistical calculators that Pedagogy Non Grata uses on a regular basis. Joshua frequently reviews the statistical work behind our articles.


Dr. Kathryn Garforth: Kathryn Garforth has a PhD in Educational Psychology and Special Education with a focus on Learning Disabilities. She focuses her attention on educational best practices based on multidisciplinary research for students who are both neurotypical or neurodiverse. Her passion comes from growing up having dyslexia and the many individuals she has worked with throughout her career. Dr. Garforth is an Educational Consultant and Interventionist at Garforth Education, and the host of the Right to Read Initiative podcast. Dr. Garforth regularly contributes to Pedagogy Non Grata content, both as a second writer and in an advisory role. 


Dr. Rachel Schechter: is the founder of Learning Experience Design (LXD) Research and has led research teams evaluating educational programs for learners of all ages since 2007; she most recently was the Vice President of Learning Sciences at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH). At HMH, Dr. Schechter designed a learning sciences framework to support product development for all products (for learners and teachers) across the company.  While leading the research team at Lexia Learning, Dr. Schechter oversaw the publication of 11 peer-reviewed articles about reading instruction, blended learning, and assessing foundational skill development.  Evidence for ESSA and state education departments in Arizona and Utah have approved research led by LXD Research staff.  Dr. Schechter holds a doctorate in Child Development from Tufts University and a Master of Arts in Education from Harvard University. Dr. Schechter is a regular contributor to Pedagogy Non Grata, both for articles, and the podcast. 


Elizabeth Reenstra: is an educator and consultant with 17 years of experience across three continents and is currently based in The Netherlands. She holds an M.A. in Professional Development and Curriculum, an M.A. in Literacy with Supervision and engaged in post graduate work in Dyslexia Studies. Elizabeth is certified as a K-5 educator, a K-12 reading specialist, a Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist and as a supervisor. Her areas of interest and focus are: literacy, reading difficulties and dyslexia, curriculum, organizational change and implementation sciences. Elizabeth, has been both a writer and a second writer for Pedagogy Non Grata. She is currently acting in a research assistant role. 

Zach Groshell, PhD, is a highly distinguished teacher, instructional coach, and consultant who specializes in bringing the science of learning into schools. He has worked with teachers across the globe, partnering with evidence-informed organizations such as Think Forward Educators (Australia), InnerDrive (United Kingdom) and Learning & the Brain (USA). Zach hosts the podcast, Progressively Incorrect, and shares research on his blog and on social media. Zach is currently writing a book for John Catt Educational about explicit instruction. You can reach Zach through the Contact page of his website, Zach is currently an ethics supervisor at Pedagogy Non Grata and is supporting with research design. 

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