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Who We Are:
Teaching by Science was founded by teachers for teachers. We started reviewing pedagogical programs in 2022, because we felt that there was a need to create reviews based on research, aimed at teachers. This means that while reports are based on scientific findings, we try our best to write them so that they can be understood by the average person. We felt strongly that other organizations that review education programs, were too focused on the level of research quality, and not enough on research results. Moreover, we believed that research reviews were not written such that the average teacher could understand them.


We hope to provide reviews that take into account research quality, results, quantity, and principles. While Teaching by Science does regularly collaborate with academic researchers, we ourselves are teachers, not researchers. We do not accept money for the completion of our reviews. Nor do we allow advertising on our website or make any profit off of reviews. While, Teaching by Science, does occasionally collaborate with other organizations, we are independent. 


How to Apply to be Reviewed:

Teaching by Science is now accepting applications for pedagogical programs to be reviewed. In order to be reviewed, please email: An application should include:

-The name of the program

-Your relation to the program

-A neutrally framed product description

-A list of pedagogical principles

-All studies directly on the program with control groups, attached as PDFs. 


*Please note, that failing to provide studies that showed a negative or negligible results, will be taken as a sign of bad faith. Independent systematic searches will also be conducted on your program. 


**Please also note that due to the large volume of requests we are no longer, currently, taking review requests submitted by teachers or parents. We are only taking requests from companies for their products. Teaching by Science, does most reviews based on our academic interest/curiosity. 


Why Apply to be Reviewed:

Teaching by Science typically reviews 1-4 programs per month. Applying and providing us with your research, has the potential to move it to the top of our list. As it helps to expedite our process. Companies that apply to be reviewed, have an opportunity to help shape our understanding of their product. They also have an opportunity to provide feedback on anything they believe is erroneous. That said, reviews are always independent and Teaching by Science always reserves the right for the final say on a review. Companies found to be behaving in bad faith will forgo any rights to provide feedback. 


Looking to Volunteer?
Teaching by Science does not make profits off of program reviews. We do these reviews with a tremendous respect for the difficulty of the task. Efficacy science is very complex and requires a great deal of nuance. You need to consider the research base for programs, the quality of program studies, the quantity of studies, and study results. We do not take this task lightly, and would much prefer a large collective of professional researchers to be doing this work. However, as we felt there was a need for these types of reviews, we have taken up the task, as to the best of our abilities. We are always looking for volunteers and researchers, who are willing to collaborate on independently reviewing pedagogical research for teachers, parents and administrators. If your interested in volunteering, email 


Have a Concern with a Review?

Reviews are very complex and we are constantly checking, updating, and revising reviews, as we become aware of new studies, improve our research skills, or identify research errors. While it is very important to us to stay independent, it is also equally important to us to make sure that our content is accurate. If you have a concern with a review, please email: 


Want to Support Us?
Here at Teaching by Science we're proud to bring you high quality education research for free. However, server costs are not free. If you like our research consider donating on our Patreon page, to help us keep delivering more content for free:

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