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The Easy to Use Reading Intervention Guide
Reading Intervention Guide 2.png

At least once a day, I see the question on social media, I have a student with X reading difficulty, what should I do? This info-graphic is meant to give teachers an easy to interpret answer to this question. To be clear, this is not a linguistic model of intervention and is not the most linguistically accurate answer to the question. Instead, this model is based on what teaching interventions/pedagogies have been proven through meta-analysis and rationalist understanding of the topic. This guide is not meant to be an in depth explanation of the issue, but rather, as a starting place for teachers to start their interventions. If you are using this guide, it is very important to do your own assessments and to use specific assessments, so as to be 100% certain that you are providing the right intervention at the right time. For example, comprehension instruction will not be effective, if your student has not learned all of their sounds.

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